Saturday, April 26, 2014

hadric tadaski AGUN|LEVELBIKECO

Another boy from serawak malaysia AGUN and LEVELBIKE
let's watch thos video 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Desire is ours spring 2014

Desire is ours spring 2014 now available!!! To see more our collection check on 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Anton Evstifeev opened new spots in Bali

Bali island - is smiling people , tropical fruit, gorgeous sunsets and the world's best surfing.
However , Anton Evstifeeva , unable to access the other side of Bali , because the journey instead of the board , he picked up the bike.

" Filmed fun. BMX- get-together on the island there , but the level of local riders , of course, be compared with Europe , and even more so with America. There's even a decent parks, but on my bike ride there are not allowed .

Work on the roller took about two weeks. We've been riding around the island, looking for interesting spots , like go where no one did not. This results in a three-minute Edith, who , I think , perfectly conveys the relaxed atmosphere of the island , "- said Anton.


Friday, April 18, 2014



True Story! 

Beginning in January 1992, Reynandi Mahadibya born. Cute little guy began to grow into a child's future goals is filled into the Spiderman. 

Culture Bugis - Java 

Born in a different culture Bugis (South Sulawesi) and Java. 
as camouflage in Jakarta, he was pleased collection multicolored cap nipple motorcycle, playing ps and watch mystical tale. 
all the while still young age 

and REYNANDI / NEOTHREE know when the street art world since junior high. he made ​​a community with friends of his junior high school friends named BJC / JUNIOR BOMBER CLAN. Working since 2006.'ve Pretty much work the works of NEOTHREE ever in the corner of the city, Jakarta and outside Jakarta. 
and still dabbling in street art. and now focus on documenting street art in Indonesia, INDONESIAN STREET ART DATABASE

Kemang,South Jakarta (Commisioned Wall)

FATVICTIM by Neothree

for the love ARKS (Graffiti Writer)




for more PICT,click :

Saturday, April 5, 2014


Welcome buat MUCK band TRASH PUNK asal kota bandung ini baru saja menjadi keluarga besar dari kita,yang sebelum nya kita telah mereview MARDIAL sebagai content MUSIC di blog ini.
MUCK ini berdiri sejak tahun 2013 kemarin yang beranggotakan 4 personil . Music yang mereka usung lebih ke speed jadi cocok untuk kalian yang bermain BMX atau SKATEBOARD dengan hardcore kalian wajib dengarkan lagu lagu mereka.
Langsung aja kalian bisa download dan mendengarkan singel singel MUCK di bawah ini