Thursday, August 22, 2013

Cengkareng Mixtape #2

This is our home boy in Cengkareng, West Jakarta. They prioritize riding and chillin. Just sit back and relax. Cheers..

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


web edit video perayaan tahun ke dua berdirinya youthsteady, yang di representasikan oleh rider dan owner indra,ezi,dolly,wack dan homeboy rhick … and it or not.. we leave the video raw as usual!!!
sedikit beromantisasi dengan youthsteady….. well…dua tahun memang bukan waktu yang lama. untuk sebuah brand kecil berbasis pertemanan dengan passion yang sama . masih sangat sedikit yang bisa kami kontribusikan terhadap scene lokal. tapi tentu saja harapan kami di tahun-tahun kedepannya bisa lebih baik… big thanks and mad props buat semua teman-teman di luar sana yang sudah mensupport kami selama ini. god speed y’all :)

rider : indra – ezi – dolly – wack – rhick
soundtrack : – Intuition – Swim Good – intuition – Good man
filmed : amex – dolly – indra- wack
edited : youthsteady

don’t forget to press the HD button homies …. enjoy 


this film is about ALFAN mantovani, arief TOLE, DONNY putra kerandan when they are doing mural together in Bali Perkasa. i'm taking their shots while kopet is snoring, they were doing mural from 11pm to 11 am, because 1 spray gun got gangbanged that day, and they are doing it in layback style, from tea, coffee, arak, we drank them all, and for offerings for us are Ayam betutu, and Babi guling.
I hope you enjoy like i enjoy it while i make the video.ENJOY!!!
filmed & edited by : Ichsan Wahyudi


Mario Palandeng's first video part. He put a lot of blood sweat and tears into it and it really does show. Hopefully this paves the way for more Indonesian skaters putting out awesome video parts! Filmed in Indonesia and Kuala Lumpur. Filming by BTX and edited by Afandy. MOTION SKATEBOARDS!!! also supported by VOLCOM INDONESIA, SHAKEJUNT & HAPPEN MAGAZINE

Sunday, August 4, 2013


A session at greenpark skatepark with Adi,Keju,Naken & Taufan. Some card flourish tricks by abie.


Check out some chilled out collaboration edit with BUDI (SCMT, Soerabaian Crew) at Sundak beach & Zoo YK, Yogyakarta

Friday, August 2, 2013

Venture Further - South East Asia Trip (Devon Smillie, Brad Simms, Jason Phelan, JB Peytavit, David Budko) - Part 3: Jakarta

In the beginning of the year, Further flew Devon Smillie, Brad Simms, Jason Phelan, JB Peytavit and David Budko to South East Asia. 3 weeks, 3 countries (Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia) and 5 riders who have never been on a trip together...
After Singapore and Malaysia it was time for the guys to hit Indonesia. First stop: Jakarta. Crazy traffic, boiling heat, a meeting with the sports minister and lots of extraordinary street spots welcomed the guys at the hectic capital. Check it out! We hope you like it!
Filmed and edited by Philip K├Âlsch 
Title design by Christoph Roos

Venture Further - South East Asia Trip (Devon Smillie, Brad Simms, Jason Phelan, JB Peytavit, David Budko) - Part 3: Jakarta from Venture Further on Vimeo.

DESIRE "Excited in ramadhan month"

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